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    Hangzhou Pauline Hardware chain industry co.,ltd.

    Hangzhou Pauline Hardware chain industry is responsible for production of a stamping, hydraulic, pipe, casting, welding, polishing and metal surface coating treatment professional manufacturer of processors. The main products include all kinds of furniture fittings, chain and fittings, garden pots and other metal products category .

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    With professional heart, to do professional thing to do

    Company has strong development, research capacity, first of all, has 10,000 square plant production areas and advanced machinery and equipment, based on second, with the national environmental standards for wastewater treatment and gas processing acid phosphate line, including the metal surface coating lines are imported from Italy . Within the company have a professional mold designers and highly qualified technical personnel, strict ISO9000 management system, from design, mold making, production processes, packaging, quality control is done in accordance with one-stop production line. East production ranks among the first bed frame.



The first skeleton line production in the east of China


Through the ISO9000 certification


Production area of 10000 square meters workshop


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      At present, to make the transition to 3 g and even 4 g mobile communication network

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